Ensuring High Lead Quality From Your Marketing Campaigns

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“D igital leads are low quality”, “They don’t pick up the phone”, “Our sales guys are getting frustrated”, and a hundred more. Surely, every single business has had to face difficulty with lead quality at some point or other.

While the instinct may be to attribute the quality to the type of a lead, oftentimes this is not the main factor driving the low quality of leads.

Let’s look into the main contributors to lead quality (or lack thereof):

Messaging. This is the most obvious factor and the most basic element of any campaign.

You need to understand what you want your leads to subscribe to. Is it a phone call? Is it an email? Is it a pricing estimate? Is it a newsletter?

If your lead is subscribing to your newsletter and enters their phone numbers as part of the contact info, don’t expect miracles when you call that individual with a pitch.

Likewise, if you’re talking about the affordability of your product when compared to others and a lead submits their information, they are expecting a price from you, so good luck getting them to agree to an in-person estimate.

This brings us to our second factor:

Follow up. Your follow up must be in line with the expectation and the messaging in your campaign. Whether it is a phone conversation or an email, it must flow smoothly from the campaign messaging.

Expectations. Unrealistic expectations or incentivized campaigns will lower your lead quality considerably.

In other words, telling people that they will be gifted a 100$ gift card if they receive an in-person estimate will make your leads much more affordable, but your closing numbers will take a big hit. Leads like that will not be worthless, but they do require a very proficient salesforce.

Efficiency. Your leads must be followed up with immediately after they are generated.

You have minutes, often seconds, to reach your new lead. This ensures they are still fully aware of your campaign and haven’t moved on to a different product. In addition, you know that they are free at that moment if they are browsing and spending time entering their information into your form.

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The abover are four of the most important factors that will influence each specific campaign. Naturally, if an organization has a 5% close ratio on call-ins, there are fundamental issues that would need to be addressed first.

However, assuming a company can perform well in most cases, these would be the main factors that must be fine-tuned for every campaign.

Intuit Marketing is fully aware of these factors and all our campaigns ensure a smooth flow from impression to conversion. Click here to see if we can help you.