Avoiding Competition In The Advertising Marketplace

  • 2 min read
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Today, competition in any market place can be an unsavoury reality to live with.

In the digital landscape we can condense the overall effects into one of two; it either makes advertising more expensive or breeds innovation.

Both of those things can be looked at as a negative because more expensive advertising is...well, expensive, and innovation is hard and typically time consuming.

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But, there is a silver lining. By investing time and resources into developing and utilizing innovative methods to advertise your campaigns, you can accomplish several things that will positively impact your bottom line.

  1. By advertising in a different way from the competition, you are placed in a separate marketplace. This way you are not competing for the same eyeballs directly, thereby avoiding high traffic bids and significantly decreasing expenses.

    It’s caused by something that marketers call an “ad auction overlap” within the advertising networks you work with. The more heated the auction gets, the more you have to bid to win impressions. We will go into more detail about ad auctions and how to utilize them to your advantage another time.

  2. With a certain advertising structure, it is possible to determine whether a prospect has a current interest in your specific products or services or whether they have a fundamental need for the benefits that the products or services offer.

    By further focusing your efforts on the group that has a need for those benefits are you able to beat your competition to the punch and establish yourself as a primary supplier.

The two benefits above can definitely use their own blog entries, but this should offer a great starting point for those looking to expand their marketing reach even further. The beauty of this line of thinking is that it works well for companies of all sizes. In other words, you can open up an entirely new market with lower acquisition costs.

We have successfully implemented this approach for companies doing 300 as well as 10,000 monthly leads.